The new music rehearsal: questions and answers

by danielgoode

The new music rehearsal: questions and answers

Why can’t we just sit down and begin to play the music?
Because each piece is in a different format.

Why is each piece in a different format?
Because our culture has so much variety in it.

Why don’t we ever have enough rehearsal time?
Because our culture has so much variety, we can’t quickly switch to the next different thing.

I don’t get it?
Nobody does.

But we (mostly) all speak the same language, why does it take so long to explain the format that’s up next?

First, one must disengage from the previous format, wipe the slate clean and be ready to understand, perhaps, new symbols, different reading pattern like up/down instead of left/right, special techniques, different assumptions, all these differences embedded in a notation.


Every notation may result in questions, answers lead to more questions, every member of the group may have them. The composer may or may not be skilled in fielding and answering questions. No matter which, time will be taken and taken again.

Is this good?
Is it bad?