Play a Building in F – In SoHo


October 4th 2018
Flexible Orchestra – Fifteenth Season
Bassoons Plus

October 28th 2013 (Click Here for Details)
Flexible Orchestra – 10th Season

Fex Orc 10-28-13

November 9th 2011 (Click Here for Details)
Flexible Orchestra – 8th Year – Nov. 9 at Roulette in Brooklyn

Flexible Orchestra – 8th Year – Nov. 9 at Roulette in Brooklyn, 8 PM, $15/10 – 509 Atlantic Av. @ 3rd Ave.
2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R, B & Q trains and the LIRR

September 25, 2011 – 1:00 PM
Composer’s Voice Concert – Premiere of For His 6th Birthday, a piece selected for a series of 15 one minute solos to be performed by acclaimed soprano Beth Griffith.

Jan Hus Church, 351 East 74th St. New York City


Admission $15/10. Come early and have authentic Ukranian cuisine: 212-614-3283. Cash bar in hall

The Flexible Orchestra is an acoustical re-forming of the symphony orchestra so that with a much smaller group (10-18) we get the rich orchestral sound plus the orchestra’s variety of timbres.

For more on the Flexible Orchestra click HERE

October 10, 2008
—Fifth Season! performs works of Henry Brant, Daniel Goode, Skip La Plante

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 346 W.20th St., Subway: #1, C, E to 23rd St. $10.  Info 212-925-6684

Flutes Plus! A completely new orchestration! Eleven flutes, tuba, harpsichord, trumpet, contrabass (Skip La Plant)

Conducted once more by Tara Simoncic; solo flute: Karl Kraber (in Brants masterpiece from 1931, Angels and Devils for eleven flutes.) This is the first performance of the piece since the passing of Henry Brant this year. Daniel Goode, director/founder

May 31, 2008

Relative (Cross) Ears International Contemporary Music Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

Collaborative Workshop: One Page Pieces. Daniel Goode leads workshop in performance.

The trio IZO-FR was formed by Zsolt Kovács and Pál Tóth during the summer of 2001 in Budapest.

May 15, 2008

at The Stone

Corner of Ave.C and 2nd St., Manhattan, New York, New York

Daniel Goode, clarinet and composer with Cornelius Dufallo-violin, Kamala Sankaram-voice and accordion, Deborah Weisz trombone; performed selections from Clarinet Songs and One Page Pieces.

May 4, 2008

at Dangerous Curve

1020 Fourth Place (between Molino and Mateo Sts.), Los Angeles, CA 90013, Los Angeles, California

I played clarinet, leading a band of some of LA’s best jazz and experimental musicians in a program of my solo and ensemble pieces, like: Mantra Swing, Relaxing at the Piano, Clarinet Songs, Cage’s DREAM dreamed. Band members: Bonnie Barnett, vocalist; Vinnie Golia, flutes and clarinets; Richard Wood, sax; Michael Whitmore, acoustic guitars; Richie West, drums.

April, 29 2008

at University of Santa Cruz Recital Hall

Santa Cruz, California, Santa Cruz, CaliforniaI performed two of my ensemble works with the UCSC Contemporary Music Ensemble and the UCSC Percussion Ensemble (directed by Willie Winant). The concert was called “Imagining Gamelan,” and featured some fine gamelan players and repertoire. My works are: “Eine Kleine Gamelan Music” and “Wind Symphony,” both rousing pulse-based pieces.

April, 25 2008

at The Living Theatre

21 Clinton St., Manhattan, NY, New York 10002

I’ll led the new music ensemble, Gamelan Son of Lion in the next installment of my Toy Symphony for metalophones, gongs, and small wooden and plastic toy instruments.