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Daniel Goode (b. New York, January 24, 1936) is an American composer and clarinetist. He studied philosophy, and then music with Henry Cowell, Otto Luening, Pauline Oliveros, and Kenneth Gaburo. Goode’s works show influence from several sources, including bird song, Cape Breton fiddling, drone, Indonesian gamelan music, and minimal music (specifically music as a gradual process). Often two or more of these elements are combined in a single composition.

Goode served as Director of the Electronic Music Studio of Rutgers University from 1971 to 1998 and is co-director of the DownTown Ensemble which he co-founded in New York in 1983. As a clarinetist he is proficient in the technique of circular breathing, which he uses frequently in performances with the group. Since 1976, Goode has been a member of Gamelan Son of Lion, a Javanese-style iron gamelan ensemble dedicated to new music, for which he has composed many works.

He has developed a special keyless clarinet made from a length of plastic pipe that allows him to play in the Indonesian slendro tuning system, which he plays with the group on occasion.

His most recent project is the Flexible Orchestra, a reform of the Western orchestra inspired to some degree by his experience with the gamelan as a musical, social, and cultural phenomenon. His works are published by Frog Peak Music and Theodore Presser.


Daniel Goode – Discography

As composer:

Eine Kleine Gamelan Music
performed by Nick Didkovsky and Mark Stewart, guitars

Slendro Clarinet
on New Gamelan/New York performed by Gamelan Son of Lion, GSOL. CD 1.

Cape Breton Concerto
for 6 traditional fiddles, piano and wind ensemble on Fanfare for Rutgers with the Rutgers Wind Ensemble conducted by William Berz recorded by Mark Custom Recording Service, Inc.

Circular Thoughts & 40 Random Clangs
recorded on The Complete Gamelan in the New World performed by Gamelan Son of Lion, double CD, Locust Music 41/42

Nod Drama
on Downtown Only performed by the DownTown Ensemble on Lovely Music Ltd, LCD 3081

on 60X60, 2005, VN 001

Java 2
on four voice canons by Larry Polansky and others, Cold Blue, CB0011
Out of print, collector’s items, LP records:

The Bertoia in the Yamasaki Building, Princeton
performed by Daniel Goode and Peter Blake

The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn
(bass recorder, Pete Rose), on Opus One Records

The Red and White Cows
on Lullabies commissioned and performed by Doris Hays, piano with vln, va., distributed by Atlantic Records
Out of print, collector’s item, cassette:

Wind Symphony performed by Relache, 1987

As performer or other credit:

Eight Thrushes in New York (2002) – Daniel Goode

Clarinet Songs (1993) – Daniel Goode

Experimenting With Household Chemicals (1995) – Peter Zummo
By: Peter Zummo
Credited Role: Liner Notes

Dr. Manhattan – Dr. Manhattan
Credited Role: Assistant Engineer

Music by Phill Niblock (1993) – Phill Niblock
Credited Role: Liner Notes

Tunnel-Funnel (1998) – Daniel Goode

Live at Roulette (2000) – Bonnie Barnett
Credited Role: Clarinet

Prismatic Hearing (2004) – David Simons
Credited Role: Gamelan

Gamelan in the New World (2004) – Gamelan Son of Lion
By: Gamelan Son of Lion
Credited Role: Performer
Song List: Circular Thoughts

Four-Voice Canons (2002) – Larry Polansky
By: Larry Polansky
Credited Role: Tape, Engineer|Editing|Mixing|Realization
Song List: #4, #7, #17 Guitar Canon

Downtown Only (2002) – Downtown Ensemble
By: Downtown Ensemble
Credited Role: Clarinet

Folio and Four Systems
(2006) – Earle Brown
Credited Role: Clarinet