Why Make CDs?

by danielgoode

October 13, 2006

Tower is closing—why make CDs? We fought the idea of Tower when it started because it took a supermarket approach to music. But then we found it useful, and it even carried some of our CDs. Now they’re bankrupt because of the internet and Amazon. How long before Tower closes? I asked the guy at check out. “Well, first they have to get the stock from the other stores.”… So, why not do everything from our computer? Social life—easy! Even sex. Certainly shopping. No need to mix on a street, in a store eye-balling almost all of recorded music and some of the people who buy it. Oh, I saw a famous poet and his lover scarfing up CDs at 15%, 20 or even 30% off, as I was, also. He was wearing a fabulous red coat. But I’m sure he can be found on the internet, too. So nothing is lost, is there? We can still make CDs. We can up-load them. We need never leave our house. Order in.