Arranging, a Lost Art

by danielgoode

Date: 07 Oct 98 19:15:35 EDT 1998
From: Larry.Polansky@XXXXXXX
Subject: Re: bedhaya
To: dgoode@XXXXXXX

— You wrote:
I am perfectly happy with the title of arranger. It’s the truth! I was just
this morning thinking about how you used MIDI in EK, turning it into a
participatory tool, one step beyond the xerox process, but an important
one.The kind of arranging, transcribing, retooling (with or without computer)
is a lost art in so-called Serious music, used to be quite common, even in
the 19th C. Even Schoenberg did it! I was also thinking of your Skempton

— end of quote —
i think of it as composting. speaking of worms… just got back from icmc
(indiana christian music conference!)

we’ll see you in two weeks !!!!! yay!!!!!!!