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Fabulous, Amazing, Dedicated Performers, and Old Friends


My delightful two-octave toy piano, pulled out of the back of a closet to star in my one-act, autobiographical opera, Irina, along with many other stars of the orchestra, like dramatic soprano, Kamala Sankaram, like wonderful ballet dancer au point, Mayu Oguri, like virtuoso principal violist AND composer, Stephanie Griffin, and like Maestra Extraordinaire, Tara Simoncic, our conductor since 2004.

Not to mention the other fabulous, amazing, dedicated performers, and old friends like Fritz Kraber on flute and with only a little reluctance on wooden piccolo (for only a few bars—thank you Fritz!)

TOMORROW, THURS, MARCH 31st AT THE UKRAINIAN RESTAURANT (great borscht) at 8 PM, 140 Second Av. at 9th St. $20 at the door. We’ve had standing room only at past concerts, so don’t delay. Show up!

And the fabulous ending to all endings: Phil Corner’s Ideal AMEN. He takes the ending of the Berlioz Requiem and ends and ends and ends that fabulous chameleon-like piece.

Oh, and Lev Ljova Zhurbin’s window into our eastern european past, its emotional melodies and thoughts, the slow-fast form of so many of those folk pieces.

I could go on. Violas extraordinary, all those sounds they can do: in Toronto composer, publisher, experimentalist, Gayle Young’s Departures. And Dean Rosenthal’s dedication to “deductive music” pioneered by Tom Johnson, last year’s Flexible Orchestra composer. And still more: Stephanie Griffin’s passionate new piece for SEVEN violas!

It’s the last year of “VIOLAS PLUS.” The Flexible Orchestra flexes into a new sound next year. So get the old sound now while it lasts!



Flexible Orchestra – 8th Year – Nov. 9 at Roulette in Brooklyn

September 23rd 2011
For immediate release

Flexible Orchestra – 8th Year – Nov. 9 at Roulette in Brooklyn, 8 PM, $15/10 – 509 Atlantic Av. @ 3rd Ave.
2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R, B & Q trains and the LIRR

“Accordions Plus” – 2nd year

Featured will be Guy Klucevsek’s “Suite for Accordion and Flexible Orchestra.” This is the 2nd year of the “Accordions Plus” format for the orchestra, with five accordions, violin, cello, bass, flute, and percussion, conducted once more by Tara Simoncic, who has led the Flexible Orchestra since its debut in 2004. Guy will also be soloist in orchestra-member, Kamala Sankaram’s new commissioned work, “Second Moon.” Daniel Goode, artistic director and founder, will present “Adagietto-ed” which reworks Gustav Mahler’s “Adagietto” from the Fifth Symphony for the Flexible Orchestra, using toy accordions from Chinatown. Barbara Benary, director of Gamelan Son of Lion, long time collaborator of Mr. Goode’s, who composed for the “trombones plus” format of 2006, offers her “Accordingly,” featuring Kamala Sankaram, soprano.

This year’s Flexible Orchestra players, all free-lance virtuosi of the NY region are: Accordions: Art Bailey, Guy Klucevsek, Nathan Koci. Robert McMahan, Kamala Sankaram;
Melissa Tong-violin, Kate Dillingham-cello, Pawel Knapik-contrabass, Karl Kraber-flute, Barbara Merjan-percussion.

Flexible Orchestra was formed by composer, Daniel Goode, in 2004 with the purpose of having an ensemble of about fifteen sound as full as a symphony orchestra—through strategic orchestration. One larger section from one instrumental family gives the mass effect, plus a smaller section of varied instruments which is there to complement, contrast, and “spice up” the ensemble.

The first Flexible Orchestra was 12 cellos, flute, clarinet, and trombone. Each format is planned to last two years. The second two-year orchestra was 10 trombones, 2 clarinets, 2 contrabasses, and piano with amplified viola, marimba, gamelan gongs added in one instance. All the music is composed expressly for the orchestra, or arranged for it. An added benefit is that with a section of cellos, or trombones, or flutes, or accordions already in place it is able to do revivals of mono-timbral works which rarely get performed after their premieres. So eight amplified cellos did an early Lois Vierk work; ten trombones did a early Frederick Rzewski work; eleven flutes did Henry Brant’s 1932 “Angels and Devils.” The orchestra has done arrangements of Christian Wolff, Kent Kennan, and others. The New Yorker called it “Daniel Goode’s big avant-garde combo,” and Time Out said the name of the ensemble “implies a certain frame of mind.” Both true!

Daniel Goode, composer-clarinetist lives in New York, is founder of the Flexible Orchestra a new concept in orchestral sound, co-director of the DownTown Ensemble, member of Gamelan Son Lion. Recent work is the opera, French Arithmetic premiered 2010 by the Flexible Orchestra’s concert of new works and revivals for its latest array of seven accordions, three strings.

Composer’s Voice: For His 6th Birthday

I am pleased to announce the premiere of For His 6th Birthday, a piece selected for a series of 15 one minute solos to be performed by acclaimed soprano Beth Griffith. See below for event details:

Composer’s Voice Concert
Sunday, September 25, 2011 – 1:00 PM
Jan Hus Church, 351 East 74th Street
New York City

The concert is FREE. They are accepting donations of food, toiletries, and clothing for the Homeless Outreach & Advocacy Program.

Concert Program
Barthory-Kit  –  …daar zaten wij…
Danforth  –  These Sounds
Drexler  –  Soaring
Fabella  –  Easter Mood
Goode  –  For His 6th Birthday
Longo  –  My Name
Madsen  –  The Singing of the Waves
Marshall  –  double
Menacho  –  peom
Nikoladze  –  pak Sizaalaa
Rolle  –  Beautiful Noise
Rubin  –  Still South I Went
Schindler  –  Soonata for Symphony Orchestra
Vollinger  –  who are you waving at
Walters  –  Sardoodledom